Flourish Chapter - Cartersville, GA


Flourish is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you, or your business, reach its full potential. The culture of Flourish is one-of-a-kind, as we aspire to connect, inspire, and impact women. Then we layer it with our love and compassion for giving back, making it more than being just about the next business transaction. We take pride in offering a "wholesome" and "safe place" for women to come and grow, by providing an atmosphere that is void of competitiveness, aggressiveness, hard selling tactics, and all of the uncomfortable things that turn people off from the ordinary networking experience. Meet-Up Registration and Information via our website link below in the contact details.


Cartersville, GA



  • Monthly Meet-Ups
  • Offering a loving atmosphere for women to come and grow.
  • Providing a noncompetitive, non-aggressive experience.
  • Fostering lasting relationships.
  • Doing things differently on purpose for purpose.
  • We believe in "selfless" networking.
  • We know that when we assist others in flourishing first...
  • then we all flourish by default.

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